Kea supports tech companies to get on the radar screen of industry analysts

Kea Analyst Relations Services

Analyst Relations Execution

We help you set up and execute your Analyst Relations programme. We ensure that your company is on the analysts’ radar and gets the attention and recognition it deserves by adequately interacting with the right analysts.

Analyst Relations Workshops

Learn about key aspects of Analyst Relations. From the basics of getting into Analyst Relations to identifying opportunities and risks to develop your Analyst Relations skills. Our Analyst Relations workshops cut across all major areas of an Analyst Relations practice.

About Kea

Kea Company is a premier analyst relations firm, providing organisations with critical expertise, experience and access to the analyst landscape, proactively and continuously guiding tech vendors to build long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.
Mission Statement

Kea aims to deliver high impact for tech startups and scaleups by creating mutually beneficial relationships with fundamental industry analysts. Our services enable clients to experience the outside influence of analyst relations done right, with speed to value, long term relationships, flexibility, entrepreneurial culture as critical drivers of the value proposition.

  • Global footprint

    We have amazing customers in over 20 countries

  • Founded in 2010

    35% YoY Growth

  • Author of #4 books

    The Kea team has shared some of their insights

  • Experts with 15+ years experience

    The quality of our people defines the service level we provide to our customers

The founders

The quality of our team defines the service level we provide to our customers. For over a decade, we have recruited and developed some of the best people within the industry. They are intelligent professionals with an average of over fifteen years of hands-on experience in influencer marketing and business advisory.
					   Derk Erbé
Derk Erbé
Sven LItke
Sven LItke
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Bram Weerts

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