About Us

Kea Company is the world’s largest consultancy focussed on influencer research and analyst relations for telecoms and technology-driven solutions providers. Our professionals gained their industry insights through decades of experience as influencer relations professionals, IT industry analysts and business executives.

Your clients and competitors talk to analysts and advisors: you need to be part of that conversation too. Our company enables technology providers to maximize their value through navigating and leveraging industry analysts and advisors. Because analysts and advisors influence half of ICT solution sales, influencer relations determines success.

Whether you are a well-established leader, or an emerging and ambitious solution provider, Kea Company can develop and focus your influencer relationships. In addition, our development workshops and annual forum give your team the skills and insight to respond to changes.

Kea Company: history and milestones

Since 2010, Kea Company has acquired several leading analyst relations consultancies. We share the same values of curiosity, intelligence and resourcefulness. Today our consultants in the USA, Europe and Japan proudly serve a global client base.

2009: • Company launched in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

     • Started offering business advisory services to technology vendors

2010: • Rebranded to Kea Company

     • Started offering, next to business advisory, influencer relations services to technology vendors

2012: • Acquired Daruma Concept to grow in the German-speaking region

2013: • Started offering premium content to industry analysts, technology vendors and corporate IT professionals

     • Became the number one consultancy in Analyst Relations worldwide, based on client and global presence

     • 43 AR leaders attend our first global Analyst Relations event, our AR Forum in London’s Somerset House where Efrem Mallach, Kea Company’s research director, launches the third edition of Win Them Over.

2014: • Further expansion of our North American presence, bolstering Kea’s international footprint as a worldwide leading Analyst Relations firm, by the acquisition of SageCircle

     • Two-day Analyst Relations Forum held in King’s College London:

     › Kea Company partnered with ARInsights, a spin-out from SageCircle, and was able to make this event free for 70 attendees through event sponsors

     › Programme filled with interactive sessions hosted by many notable AR professionals

2015: • Forum at the Archivist’s Gallery connects the dots around AR, including the different benefiting stakeholders, allowing 80 AR leaders to better understand the rapid disruption of the market

2016: • Our company doubles European team: we announced new team members in Europe, including advisory partner Annelieke Nagel, a Gartner and IDC alumnus with 30 years’ experience in the analyst industry and in analyst relations.

2017: • Acquisition of UK analyst relations consultancy Active Influence:

     › Merger consolidates Kea Company’s position as world’s largest analyst relations consultancy

     › Founder Richard East is now a partner in Kea Company, which obtained substantially all of Active Influence’s intellectual property and assets

2018: • Kea Company CEO Sven Litke publishes the expanded second edition of Influencer Relations: Insights on Analyst Value.

2020: • Continued growth of our ‘outsourced analyst relations‘ service tailored for start-ups and midsized technology vendors. Kea Company’s international team now supports SMB vendors headquartered in more than 20 different countries. SageCircle launches four subscription services for AR teams.

2021: • Analysts on Analyst Relations: The SageCircle Guide becomes the best-selling book on analyst relations.