AR Management System

For a professional who is a single AR manager struggling with ways to track and manage analyst interactions, ARchitect Express is the most powerful Analyst Relations Management System available to an individual AR professional. Kea Company is its sole provider.

ARchitect Express is designed and built by Analyst Relations professionals to manage and streamline the day-to-day activities of an Analyst Relations professional. It is a comprehensive application comprised of 4 key components built to increase efficiencies so Analyst Relations professionals can concentrate on what’s important: building analyst relationships.

ARchitect Express Database

At the core of the ARchitect application is the analyst database. Content-rich and dynamic, it goes well beyond basic contact data. All the information is pre-populated and ready for easy access when you receive your seat license.

ARchitect Express Relationship Manager

The ARchitect Express Relationship Manager provides the extensive functionality to organise, plan, coordinate, track and leverage your analyst relationships. Know where the relevant analysts are at what time, so you can engage them efficiently. All functionality relates back to the day-to-day tasks, objectives and responsibilities unique to the Analyst Relations industry.

ARchitect Express Reporting

The most significant benefit of any system is not just what data can be entered but the power of the information that can be extracted from the system. The reporting capabilities of ARchitect Express are robust.

ARchitect Express Analyst Grouping

Daily access to a database of 7968 analysts from 1464 different firms lets you develop target lists of analysts your company should focus on To help harness the power of the database, ARchitect Express functionality provides each user with the ability to personalise analyst groups.

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