Influencer Relations Do’s and Don’ts: Have You Read Something Boring Today?

I bet you have – but since it was so boring you probably cannot remember what it was. Now turn the question around and ask yourself what you have written (or said) today that might have been pretty boring for someone else?

Within influencer marketing not being boring is one of the key challenges. Influencers (e. g. industry analysts, editors or bloggers) are always keen to stay ahead in their respective fields. This means that the most likely way to catch their attention is by providing information that has not been beaten to death everywhere else before. The problem is figuring out what is truly unique about your company and/or your solution. It is quite easy to get blinded by routine when working for a single company. You are probably keeping track of a number of obvious competitors and some publications relevant for your area of expertise but do you truly know what is happening outside your own backyard? Chances are that someone – e. g. an industry analyst who has spent a number of years screening vendors and looking for (and shaping) new trends – has come across the same ideas before. For this reason it makes sense to take a close look at what the influencers you are about to engage with are currently focusing on and what they have covered in the past. Besides spending some time with research it might make sense to double-check your pitch with experts outside your company who have some experience in dealing with the influencers you are about to engage with. This will not only help you to avoid featuring something as ‘unique’ that has already been covered in writing by the influencer in question but will also give you the chance to focus on areas of interest of the influencer thus increasing the chances of getting some coverage and mind share.

Another point to remember is that influencers are looking for deep insights into their topics. Sure, it might take some courage to share your vision and road-map with someone outside your company but taking this chance might be the key to establishing a trusted relationship. Keeping the right balance when providing information and deciding what to disclose at which time requires some tact and skill on the side of the influencer marketing team or agency but it will help to ensure that you will not be filed away under ‘boring’. Now isn’t that something worth striving for?