Customer Quotes

We love our customers. During commercial discussions, we often receive the question, “can we speak to a customer of yours?”. Sure you can. Our customers are happy to tell you about how we work together.

We decided to add a few quotes for you to look at so there is a first impression. There are also customer testimonial videos online. You can find them here.

Kea identified all the relevant analysts for us, then helped prepare our presentations and booked the analyst briefings. Kea makes sure we continuously update the analysts.

They have the experience of knowing what analysts want to hear, how they expect to receive the information, how to make an impression on the analysts. That has worked very well for us.

Kea did not only ask for our presentation and pitch deck (like a PR agency would do). Kea helped us get the briefing materials right and get our message spot on. This is key because it helped us so much.

The reason we have results and have them fast is that Kea Company managed it for us.

Don’t start from scratch; it will take you much time, trial and error. Why work with Kea? Simple; it worked for us.

What I like is that I only have to give the briefing. Kea Company takes care of everything. I get briefed on the background of the analyst that I’m talking with, the relevance of our company to their research, what emphasis we need to put in the briefing, everything.

Thank you for being interested in Kea Company. We are always looking for meaningful interactions. Moreover, we appreciate you providing us with the information needed to make that happen.