FAQ about Analyst Relations

What is an Analyst Relations programme?

A managed sequence of interactions by a technology provider with IT Industry Analyst Community members to gain credibility and control influence.

Who are these ‘analysts’?

Individuals or firms that research and advise on how, why and where ICT-related products and services can be procured, deployed and used.

Why should I bother with Analyst Relations?

Analysts influence over 50% of technology buying behaviour and act as sources for media. Increased visibility, expert insights, improved reputation, greater credibility, and enhanced decision-making are all benefits of building relationships with industry analysts.

What is the best stage for any company to start working with analysts?

Early engagement with analysts is recommended, especially for vendors aiming for higher name recognition and company growth.

Why can’t I wait until analysts reach out to me?

Being proactive in reaching out to analysts gives you a strategic advantage of influencing their research by providing them with the insight they need when they need it.

What do you mean by “tiering the analysts”?

Tiering is the process of arranging analysts by relevance based on your requirements. Tier one analysts have demonstrated direct customer contact and are willing to be leveraged for visible, marketable content such as social media posts and media quotes.

Why should I outsource Analyst Relations to Kea Company (instead of my PR or intern dealing with it)?

Kea Company has over 75 years of combined Analyst Relations knowledge and understands that Analyst Relations is a full-time profession. They can help you to build a capability or sharpen your skills with their workshops, coaching, and training offerings.

We are always available to answer your questions and address your needs, so don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our Outsourced Analyst Relations service.