Analyst Relations Books

Kea Company is founded and managed by people with unequaled knowledge of the inner workings and processes of global research firms and the best practices of analyst relations. The Kea team has shared some of their insights in books written by Kea team members:


Win Them Over: A Survival Guide for Corporate Analyst Relations/Consultant Relations Programs
Dr. Efrem Mallach

Win Them Over was the first guide to corporate programs for influencing consultants and analysts, in 1987. Now in its third edition (2013), Dr. Mallach’s landmark book is a unique, step-by-step guide to what really works in building relationships with analysts, consultants and other influential advisors. This book is a practical guide that gives experienced relationship managers a solid methodology for optimizing effective communications.

Influencer Relations: Insights on Analyst Value
Duncan Chapple and Sven Litke

Valuable analyst and advisory firms like Gartner Inc and Forrester Research influence half of the world’s spending on information and communications technology. As a result, tens of thousands of analyst relations professionals are engaged in influencer marketing campaigns focussed on shifting those researchers and consultants’ impact on high-growth markets. No-one has more expertise in the value of analysts and advisors than Duncan Chapple and Sven Litke. As the managing partners of Kea Company, the world’s largest analyst relations consultancy, their book gives their insights into how analyst value is created and captured.

Analysts on Analyst Relations
Robin Schaffer (with Efrem Mallach PhD & Sven Litke)

This book brings a voice to a global audience that is often missing from conversations on AR: the voice of the analyst. Analysts on Analyst Relations’ breaks barriers, and for AR professionals the barriers between analyst and vendor need breaking. This is the first book to look at the relationship from the analysts’ perspective.

Industry Analyst Relations: An Extension to PR
Duncan Chapple and Dr. Ralf Leinemann

The goal of this book is to produce a compact and affordable introduction to analyst relations written in a way that would allow marketing communications professionals to hit the ground running. As far as possible, we’ve used language and examples that will make sense to people already familiar with public relations.