Kea Services

The Kea Company team has comprehensive, hands-on experience with Analyst Relations from multiple perspectives. We can demonstrate a proven track record as associates within several renowned analyst firms, as marketing and Analyst Relations managers at several successful technology vendors and as IT and business managers at large enterprise organisations. Our team knows, like no other, why tech vendors succeed or fail in their Analyst Relations efforts. We help our customers do it right.

Starting from scratch

Our professionals help tech vendors start their Analyst Relations efforts by determining and executing the appropriate goals and strategies.

Boosting your Analyst Relations programme

Suppose you already have a successful Analyst Relations program in place. In that case, our support ensures that you are firing on all cylinders and optimises the Analyst Relations processes to support the business in achieving the corporate goals and strategy.

Moving to the next maturity level

When you already have a lot of interactions with analysts and have a high profile, we help you refine your strategies and keep moving up in the analysts’ ecosystem. We enable you to expand the business in growth areas and win more sales recommendations.

Analyst Relations Execution

Properly interacting with the right analyst at the right time can ensure that your company is on the analysts’ radar and gets the attention and recognition it deserves.

Analyst Relations Workshops

Our workshops focus on how Analyst Relations teams work across the thirteen major areas of an Analyst Relations practice and identify successes and risks.